January 13, 2010

A Crackpot with a Crockpot..or Two..or...

Before I was married, my favorite appliance was this:

I also used a pot - to boil water for noodles. Seriously. I lived on buttered noodles for way too many years of my life.

After we were married, I decided to become all domestic-like. After reading some blogs, I got one of these:

My inspiration was the Crockpot Lady. She made something different in her crockpot every day for a year. Such dedication. I cannot bring myself to cook once a week regularly. However, she did get me to purchase a crockpot and start making some meals. I have about 5 in rotation (more on that later).

In December we had a party so I needed more crockpots. My brother gave me his small basketball one (yes, it is really shaped as a basketball and prompted a guest to say "You have a BASKETBALL on your counter). Too bad it sucked as a crockpot. An hour and a half later and nothing was warm, let alone hot, and my brother was trying to salvage my dip on the stove (more on that later).

So out I went and purchased this one, the perfect size for dips. We all know I like dips:

Then Christmas came and one of my Santas bought me this magnificent thing:

Two crockpots in one = heaven. I also got this little gem for even smaller dips (or fondue!):

Can one ever have enough crockpots?



Jennifer said...

I once made a meal (I believe it was some sort of beer chicken) in the crockpot. It was so dry. I am not sure what I did wrong???

But I also melted chocolate in my mini dipper and that worked great. I need to try again in my crockpot. What do you make?

*~Dani~* said...

Jenny - I usually make pot roast or some kind of chicken. I will post some recipes this week. B has told me that if he tries to reheat the chicken it turns out dry. Maybe you cooked it too long?

j'lynn said...

And I thought I was bad with 3 crockpots! LOL

I have a few crockpot recipes to contribute, if you would like. I actually just made beef stew in mine Monday! :) Oh yeah...there are lasagna crockpot recipes out there too. ;)

Debbie said...

I've always wanted to get that Little Dipper crockpot! I should really pull out my full-size one and make something. I like my crockpot, but forget to consider using it.

*~Dani~* said...

jlynn - you sound like my kind of gal ;) I definitely want that beef stew recipe and anything else you got. Email me!

Debbie - I plan on putting that Little Dipper to good use!

j'lynn said...

Will do Dani...but you may have to remind me. You know I have brain drain these days! LOL